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On the moral corruption of Zero Dark Thirty 

It is bad enough that Zero Dark Thirty is a laughably written, poorly plotted, badly directed and exfoliatingly dull telling of the most dramatic manhunt in our lifetimes. It is also completely, uttery, relentlessly immoral.

Kathryn Bigelow's attempt in the LA Times at defending herself on her handling of the torture issue is inept. 

Steve Coll eviscerates her in the New York Review of Books. 

I join in the pile-on in tomorrow's edition of the Ottawa Citizen, or you can read it online. 

By all means see the movie. 


Carol Alt: "Raw saved my life"

Supermodel and hockey wife Carol Alt was in my office at the Ottawa Citizen today. She talked about how moving to a raw diet rescued her looks, skin, and hair and solved lots of other health issues.



Hitchens: More than just an atheist

I have little piece today in the Ottawa Citizen on Christopher Hitchens. It took me a while to think of something vaguely novel to say about him, this is what I came up with:

But what is most remarkable about Christopher Hitchens is that, for all his faith in the power of the pen, he fundamentally gets that logic alone has its limits, that sometimes debate can be futile. Hitchens grasps that the body itself can be an argument, and that sometimes the most effective way of challenging authority is the charmingly adolescent gambit of simply getting in its way.