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The end of artisanal and the rise of paleo-cuisine

The paleo-cuisine shtick has been brewing for a while, but with organic discredited, local passé, and artisanal just another word for "mass produced", authenticity hunters are increasingly flocking to the pre-modern past.

Berlin's new restaurant, "Sauvage", advertises a 'Real Food Revolution - Paleolithic cuisine!'. Forget bread, sugar, butter -- just fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and herbs, with a bit of raw meat thrown in for fun. According to Sauvage's Boris Leite-Poç:

Many people think the Paleolithic diet is just some hipster trend, but it's a worldwide phenomenon, with an online community that spans the globe. The trend is probably strongest in the United States, where people who have had enough of the fast food way of life and generations of illness have taken it up.

 Right, it has nothing to do with some hipster trend and everything to do with health. The modern world, as everyone knows, poisons us from cradle to crave. That is why life expectency today is so short compared to pre-historic times.